Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIAW- Back On Track

Crowd gathering in Marquette, MI to see the fireworks over Lake Superior. Photo courtesy of PhotoYoop.
Hope you all had a great Independence or Canada Day weekend! Ours was spent full of sunshine, beach time, spontaneous BBQs with friends, visiting on front porches, and mountain biking. It turned out to be the best weekend of the summer, so far! 

This long holiday weekend was on the heels of a week long camping trip with my family on Lake Michigan. Needless to say, I've been enjoying my summer break from work. As the celebrations continued, I noticed more and more that my eating habits had changed.... more pizza, more bread, cheese, desserts, and drinks. I'm not an all-or-nothing kind of person and occasionally make allowances for "unhealthy" food choices, but when they all started adding up I realized that I wasn't feeling the energy, vibrancy, and overall sense of well-being that I have when I'm eating the way my body wants me to. Talking to my husband about this the other day, I realized that this feeling- sluggish, upset guts, itchy skin- was NORMAL to me in college. I didn't know then how dramatically different my life could be with a healthy diet. When you're feeling the effects of healthy eating, its easy to forget what it was like before. These last couple weeks have been a wonderful reminder of why I nourish my body with food that makes my cells happy and a cue to get back on track.

So, this week I'm focusing on getting back on track. I even convinced a couple friends to try it for a while too. I've heard this diet called the Paleo diet, or the Innate diet.... but in reality, its not a "diet" at all. Its about eating food that your body was intended to eat, and not eating food that it wasn't intended to eat. Its about lots of veggies, fruit, some sustainably raised meat, some nuts, some seeds. Its not about processed foods, dairy, grains, or refined sugar. Its about feeling amazing, a life of vibrancy, energy, clear skin, and a dramatically improved sense of well-being. Try it for a week or two, see what happens! If you try it, let me know how it goes for you!

That leads me to this week's What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

There was tea, and a beautiful reminder to love myself today...

Breakfast was a veggie and egg scramble: greens from our CSA, broccoli from our CSA, bell peppers, artichokes, and homemade pesto, with a side of cantaloupe.  

We try to eat outside as much as possible in the summer. Everything tastes better in the sunshine!

Lunch was homemade chicken salad (grilled chicken, organic mayo, almond slices, red onion, celery, lots of fresh dill, celery seed, salt, and pepper) on a bed of fresh greens. 

A little later I had a snack: an apple dipped in almond butter with cinnamon and vanilla.

(Do you see my tomato plants back there?! My cilantro bolted, but I think I'm so-far-so-good on the tomatoes. Still keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the veggies!
We still had quite a lot of veggies left from our CSA and a few of them looked liked they had a short shelf life. I threw everything into a pan and made Thai red curry, served over quinoa. 

 Braising greens, broccoli, bok choy, and hemp seeds in a Thai red curry broth with quinoa.

What are you doing to get back on track after the long weekend?


  1. yummy eats!! My dad just started a CSA this year and so far he LOVES it! He's in Minnesota where the growing season is rather short too. :) I consider myself lucky that we have year-round farmer's markets in FL!

  2. mmmm I love CSA veggies. I always have that point in the week where I realize "shoot I need to use all these veggies fast!"

  3. I agree that everything tastes better in the sunshine! Although unfortunately, we've had lots of storms here!

    I also had the pleasure of using a co-workers CSA vegetables this weekend, and they were delicious!

  4. I love eating breakfast outside! It always sets the tone for the day :)

  5. Good luck with paleo! My friend has been doing it for 2 years I think? she loves it! Congrats on getting back on track and Happy WIAW girl! <3

  6. Thanks everybody! We LOVE our CSA, its a great way to eat local, support our farmer, and eat a wider variety of veggies! I've already been doing the "innate diet," or this way of eating, for about 3 years now.... just got way off track with the long holiday weekend! Its good to have a little course correction every so often!

  7. Hey I found your blog through a search on google. I was looking for fellow "Paleo-minded" people in Marquette. I've been on the diet about 75 percent for two years (without knowing it), and for the past month have been 100 percent STRICT living the paleo lifestyle (ever since I learned of it). I love it. I feel better, too. Good luck with you're Paleo lifestyle!!!!

  8. Yay for Michigan! I'm really upset that you didn't invite me over for dinner. ;)


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