Monday, April 18, 2011

Darkness Does Not Exist

Commonly forgotten fact: humans are part of the animal kingdom. True fact. Does that bring you back to second grade science? Why is it, then, that we seem to believe that we are somehow impervious to the laws of nature? 

"Don't give that donut to the dog, its bad for him." 

Really? That donut is bad for you (yeah, I know, big bummer, especially the Krispy Kreme ones). Here's the deal. We all have about 100 trillion cells in our bodies. Wonderful, brilliant cells. Because of them, our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating (so lets start showing our cells some gratitude!). Our cells are innately equipped, from the beginning of life, for health. We are MEANT to be healthy. The only reason our cells would seemingly malfunction would be due to a physical, emotional, chemical, or spiritual stressor. It's our choices and our environment that determines whether or not our cells are getting what they need. They do the best they can with what we give them. They're happiest when they get EVERYTHING that they need and NOTHING that they don't. 

Health is when our cells are consistently happy. 
Sickness is when our cells are consistently unhappy. 
But sickness does not exist
Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. Sickness does not exist? I can hear your doubts from here. Let me explain….

Darkness does not exist. 

It is simply a lack of light. It does not exist as an independent entity with any physical properties at all. Lets say you were in a well lit room. If you opened the door to the dark hallway outside, what do you suppose would happen? Would the darkness come rushing in, or would the light brighten the hallway? Okay, silly question. Obviously, the light brightens the hallway- because it exists. Darkness is like sickness. Sickness is simply a lack of health. It does not exist as an independent entity, it is just a LACK of something else. If you wanted to make a dark room brighter, could you look for darkness and remove it? No, of course not… another silly question! But if you wanted to make a sick person healthier, could you look for sickness and remove it? No. You can’t remove something that doesn’t exist. Instead, you have to open the door and let the light remove the darkness. You have to cultivate wellness and let the health remove the sickness.

You have to make the cells happy!

Although we may think we're in charge, the show is really all about our cells. There's roughly 100 trillion of them and only one of me, so personally I do my best to make sure they don't gang up on me. Cell function determines whether we'll be healthy or sick. And they're not really willing to compromise. If our cells are stressed out- either from deficiencies (not getting enough of what they need) or toxicity (getting too much of what they DON'T need)- they're going to let us know it. Make sure you are listening!

The thing about cells is that they don't make mistakes. Ever. They come prepared with something called innate intelligence. Basically this means that they have a good reason for everything that they do.
The times when we start having symptoms are the times that our cells are telling us that enough is enough. Either we're making decisions that are preventing them from getting the things that they need, or that are creating toxicity for them. Symptoms do not represent a mistake on the part of our cells (they don't make mistakes, remember), rather its a scream for help... something is wrong. And our cells will not go down without a fight. When our cells are under stress (deficiency, toxicity, or both), they do their best to adapt. Illness is our body's best way of adapting to an unhealthy environment, but their adaption is a perfectly reasonable response to their stressful situation. In order to be happy, cells must have everything they need and nothing they don't.... remember how I said they weren't really willing to compromise? See, they wont be happy with just SOME of what they need. No, these little guys want the whole sha-bang. Its impossible to be 100% healthy by giving our cells only SOME of what they need, or by eliminating only SOME toxins. We can't expect to be healthy if we are poisoning ourselves, even just a little.

So what do our cells need? They need us to Eat Well, Move Well, and Think Well. Consistently. Hence, my power hour (so far so good, by the way!!). Hence, Cultivating Consciousness. It's not possible to fully reach our potential if our cells are not expressing health. If our cells are not getting what they need, than we can not be what we are capable of being. The ability to be healthy, happy, and wildly amazing is already in us. Its in our innate intelligence. Its in our cells.

What do you do to make your cells happy?


  1. A fan of that quote: All medicine is poison with (possible) good side effects.

    With that, I would like to say that I left my baby alone today... in the arms of his Nana, while I went for a walk around the block in the sunshine. :) A proud moment for all of us and my cells.

  2. Glad you (and your cells) are feeling better! ;)

  3. Love this post and I completely agree that we are made to be healthy its because of the choices we make that we become sick :) love your blog and outlook cant wait to read more!

  4. Great post! You are so right on, and very inspiring in how you communicate your message. Thank you.

  5. Awesome post. It is amazing what can happen when you listen to your body...truly listen. I had excluded starches for a long time, which unbeknownst to me was the cause of fertility problems in me! Unbelievable right? Excluding one little food messed my entire body up. I try to be more in tune now, but it is hard. I never understand why I still crave bad things from time to time (pizza, ice cream, candies) when my body knows it makes me feel bad and is bad for me.