Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend With Friends

In the past several years, our lives have taken us all over the country (world). As a result, most of our close friends all live in different states and we dont get to visit nearly as much as we'd like to. But last weekend we took a little road trip to Illinois to visit friends from Chiropractic school. The weekend was supposed to be stormy, but we ended up with the most beautiful weather! We went to the local farmers market where Casey bought veggies and herbs for her garden, danced in the square to live music, ate at one of the most amazing vegetarian restaurants ever, and had a group of Chiropractic friends over to grill food and play yard games.

Amazing mom Casey with her two babies.
Holding a 1 day old goat at the Farmer's Market

The fellas (old chiropractic roommates) hanging out at the park.

The Moroccan Platter. SOOOOOOO good!

Taking a break from yard games!

We stayed with our friends in the suburbs, and even our friends from the city came out for the night. We stayed up late sitting around the bon-fire catching up on each others lives, shared stories about following our dreams, and- as always- philosophizing about Chiropractic.

Our baking assistant, Layla!
Sunday morning, before everyone had to part ways and drive back to their homes, Casey and I with our little assistant Layla made grain-free Cinnamon Apple Muffins. 

These muffins went FAST! The first batch was gone before the second batch was even out of the oven! And poor Layla, I saw her mom steal chunks of cinnamon apple goodness out of her muffin when she wasn't looking! :) Oh, they were good! 

As always, its hard to leave such wonderful people. These friendships that evolved unexpectedly from the corn-fields of Iowa will always mean the world to me. I'm so honored to have such a magical group of people who support us, who love us, and who live the same chiropractic lifestyle we do. We are so blessed to have their support and encouragement! Love them!

Does anybody have fun plans for Memorial Day Weekend? Fill me in! It's been a while, can't wait to hear what you're all up to! I know Alaina Rose is gardening her little heart out! Anyone else?


  1. Aww I love beautiful times with friends! Thanks for the shout out, love! :-) <3

  2. Absolutely! Hope you have a FANTASTIC Memorial Day Weekend!