Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Hi friends! I hope you were all blessed with wonderful Memorial Day weekends! I REALLY enjoyed the long weekend! Originally, my family was planning on visiting, but after a disappointing chain of events, nobody was able to come! I was definitely sad about that, but we have a camping trip planned for June, so I'm looking forward to some fun family time then. Even though they weren't able to come, B (husband) and I still had a great weekend!

It started with a very wet and rainy trip to our Farmers and Artisan Market. We got a plethora of veggies and grass-feed beef.

 After that we came home and made huge salads with some of our veggies!

 Mixed baby greens, shredded raw carrot, shredded raw beets, artichokes, cucumber, with a homemade Asian dressing.

The rain deterred me from riding, but Sunday was nice and I fit in a mountain bike ride. Second time riding with my new clipless pedals.... success! (meaning no bloody wounds!)

Later we were invited over to our friends house to grill and celebrate life. I admired her adorable "potting shed."

And GINORMOUS rhubarb plant.

And couldn't resist visiting with Barbara, the rooster, who was named prior to adhering to a gender-identity. 

The food was amazing. We had all sorts of skewers- beef, chicken, shirmp, tofu, and pineapple- to serve along side those veggies... just waiting for the grill. There was also two kinds of quinoa salad, polenta fries dipped in pizza sauce, and a beautiful berry salad. There was also amazing blueberry-lime-mint mojitos that I was too busy sipping on to remember to take a picture. 

 In the evening, we joined our friends at Morgan Falls for a little camping and bon-fire fun. When we got there, they already had incense burning. Turns out nag champa works like a charm at keeping bugs away!

We enjoyed some cheap wine, beer, and s'mores alongside the river.

Happy Campers. 

 While we were out by the river, a huge thunderstorm started moving in. On our way home we drove to the top of Mt. Marquette to watch the amazing lightning. I dont have the photog skills to have captured how amazing it was, but I did my best to show you the breath-taking view of Marquette, MI at night. This attempt REALLY made me want to learn more about my camera. It was amazing, and this picture just doesn't do it justice.

On Monday, we went to my in-laws camp (Yooper talk for cabin). More grilling, more eating. I was planning on bringing my cilantro-line quinoa salad, but all the quinoa salads from the day before made me decide to go with something different......

Recipe coming soon!

What was the favorite thing you did over the weekend?


  1. yummm i LOVE cold broccoli salads! Can't wait to see your recipe. Also raw shredded beats are a fav of mine these days :)

    My favorite thing I did over the weekend was lay by the pool and soak up some sun along with a good book :) Gotta love summertimes!

  2. Oooooh, just thinking about being poolside makes me excited! We're still waiting for summer to arrive here!