Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet Potato Hash

Its raining. Its Sunday. Do I need any more reasons to stay in my pajamas too long and drink too much coffee? Today is the perfect ending to a much enjoyed week off work (spring break, woot woot) and some solid hang-out time with my family (husband and dog). 

There was a time when Sunday morning meant walking to our favorite breakfast spot for organic green eggs and Tuscan potatoes (and too much coffee). As we began to cultivate consciousness, this inevitably led to conscious budgeting. The result: eating breakfast and drinking too much coffee at home. The perk (no pun intended... okay, totally intended): increased opportunity to spend too much time in my pajamas.... did I mention how much I love pajamas? 

During the week we are smoothies-for-breakfast kind of people. When the weekend comes, we're good for at least one sit-down, eat-with-forks kind of meal. Today it was sweet potato hash and eggs.

Pampered Chef Chopper
The entire integrity of this hash relies on one very loved kitchen device that I was lucky enough to receive as a wedding gift. If you don't have one, get one. I assure you, this is NOT one of those useless gadgets that ends up living out it's existence shut in some obscure cabinet in your kitchen. Please allow me to introduce to you the chopper. Wonder chopper would be a more fitting name. If you don't have one, just be warned, there will be considerable more knife work for you. 

Things you'll need:
1 sweet potato (peeled, or unpeeled... depending on how lazy you are). 
1/2 an onion
4-6 mushrooms
1 bit of coconut oil to cook with
1-2 teaspoons seasoning of your choice. 
I use Penzy Spices Bouquet Garni... a blend of savory, rosemary, thyme, Turkish oregano, basil, dill weed, marjoram, sage and tarragon.

Chop. Saute. 

I really don't think you can even ask for it to be easier than that. I'd barely even call this a recipe... I'd just call it good. Serve it up with some fried eggs, maybe some sausage, a cup of coffee, and you've got yourself a bonafide breakfast. 

With a delicious breakfast in my belly, I'm running out of reasons to postpone getting dressed. That being said, its time to continue cultivating consciousness and spend my day intentionally. There are books to read (Nathaniel Branden's 6 Pillars of Self Esteem) and budgets to check, and a dog to walk in the rain.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy Sunday?

This recipe was included in the Build a Better Breakfast Challenge

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