Friday, June 17, 2011

Link Love...

Happy Friday! 
I wanted to share with you a few links, videos, articles that I've come across this week. Hopefully you'll have a chance sometime this weekend, or next week, to check them out. 

1. The new Dirty Dozen list was recently published by the Environmental Working Group. While the ideal is to buy 100% organic, this isn't realistic for many families. The Dirty Dozen is a list of veggies and fruit most susceptible to pesticides. Obviously, plants still absorb pesticides through the ground and there are consequences to the environmental and sustainability factors, but this list gives you a good starting point if you need to do organic triage.

2. When it comes to making positive changes in yours and your family's diet, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. This post from Everyday Paleo really breaks down ways to introduce and maintain healthy eating for you and your family... especially kids!

3. My friend and fellow blogger Dr. Christine over at Health is Simple recently posted about how we define health, and what it means to be well. Check it out, hopefully it'll make you a think!

4. This is my FAVORITE article that I read all week. All month. I just love it and I want everyone to read it. Health starts in the gut. This post talks about the importance of gut health, how to get it, how to keep it! Keep the cells healthy, yo!

5. For a laugh (well, for a laugh if you have the kind of humor that find any sort of pun or sarcasm aimed at Big Pharma. I would've expected something like this from The Onion...)

6. A well-done and heartfelt video about the stress (emotional, physical, chemical) that our kids face.

7. And to make your heart happy.


Smile! Your energy is contagious!
Be infectious! :)


  1. Thank you for the "Dirty Dozen" helpful! I am one of those who can't afford to buy everything organic, so this list will come in very handy!


  2. Absolutely! Every step in the right direction is a good one!