Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Embarking on Baking!

As you can probably discern from my recipe page, I'm not haven't been much of a baker lately. Without using pre-packaged mixes, GF baking has been a bit of an enigma for me. I dont like to use a lot of random ingredients that are usually found in the mixes, and the mixes that are legit are pretty pricey. Lately, though, I've been cultivating my culinary side.......

I made these grain-free Lemon-Blueberry Muffins today.... I wish you could smell my kitchen right now. These muffins are awesome. I love the lemon-blueberry combo and they turned out super moist- I'm giving credit to the blueberries!

The muffin craze didn't end there. One mix that I do like is Breads From Anna, but they don't sell them anywhere around here. I usually stock up at Whole Foods when I'm visiting my parents. I realized that I had a Cranberry Muffin Mix in the back of my cupboard. They turned out good, but I popped them all in the freezer for our upcoming camping trip before I took any pictures. I'll let you know how they taste after they're thawed!

Oh, but I didn't stop at just muffins. I also made these grain-free Chocolate Almond Joy Bars. I used Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips, making them soy and dairy-free too! They turned out more cake-like than bar-like, but one thing I can say for sure.... I'll be making them again soon!

I wish I could promise that this will be the last cheesy grin you will see, but that would be a lie.
See the long hair? I have a pretty solid pattern of cutting my hair short, then growing it out, then cutting it short, then growing it out. Case in point...

Hair cut, with bangs...

He loves getting his picture taken, can't you tell?

Any favorite grain-free baking recipes to share?


  1. Nice job on the baking, girl! They all look gorgeous. I agree that blueberries do add awesome moistness to muffins.

  2. Thanks! I'm feeling a little more comfortable with it now! I might even whip up my own recipe soon! fingers crossed!

  3. I am not a baker either but these look fabulous! I'm trying to be more open minded about it so maybe I'll give these a try!